Frequently Asked Questions When Hiring Brisbane Movers

For someone who has never hired a moving company in Brisbane, hiring can be a prudent option. It is only natural that people have questions about moving companies. If you have your doubts about hiring a mover in Brisbane, perhaps the following answers to some frequently asked questions will prove to be helpful.

Q. After hiring a mover, what will you be responsible for?

Answer. To ensure a smooth move, make sure you are present for the estimate, when your belongings are packed, and when they load the truck on the day of the move. Make sure you take complete responsibility of your high-valued belongings, such as antiques, crystal and jewelry. Check your items during packaging and loading. Ensure all your belongings are being moved before you sign the inventory sheet.

Q. Is it really necessary to ask for an estimate?

Answer. Indeed, asking Brisbane movers for an estimate is necessary, but just about any estimate will not do. You need to be aware of the type of estimate a particular mover is offering and determine if it will work for your specific move or not.

Q. What to expect from the first visit from the mover for an estimate?

Answer. Generally, movers visit their client’s home in order to see what needs to be moved, which allows them to provide an accurate estimate of the cost. The estimate also depends on the distance and any complications that may hinder the moving process, such as elevators, heavy and large pieces of furniture, stairs, truck parking, etc.

Q. How soon before the move should a mover be hired?

Answer. It is best if Brisbane movers are called as soon as possible, especially if a move is being planned during the summer months since many people tend to move during that time of the year. For across the state, international or national moves, a moving company should be called eight weeks or at least 4 weeks before the move. For citywide moves, calling a mover two weeks prior to the move should be enough.

Q. Should you hire a Queensland moving company?

Answer. This is perhaps the most important question and even though the answer can vary from person to person, if you have a lot of belongings to move and cover a large distance, it is always better to hire a professional moving company that is based in Brisbane, Queensland.


There are indeed many Brisbane movers to choose from, but if you were not sure how to proceed, hopefully now you will more confident when hiring a moving company in Brisbane.